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Baby Boppers 18 Months21/2 yrs (walking)

Introduce your little ‘bopper’ to the wonderful world of dance and musical theatre! Children will follow a syllabi created to inspire and allow each individual to express themselves through music and movement. Musical instruments and props will be used during class. All exercises are designed to develop co-ordination, musical awareness and social skills. A class not to be missed!

Fabulous Fairy2/2 - 4 yrs

Come along to this magical and innovative dance class. Your dancing fairy will hop, skip and jump through fairyland and learn new classical techniques each week. Each class is based on a new fairy and your child will get the opportunity to own a brand new fairy costume at the beginning of each term. Costume is included in the term fees.


Magical Adventure21/2 - 4 yrs

This fun and exhilarating dance class follows a creative themed syllabus each term. The children will go on magical adventures during class, they may visit the circus, the jungle or even Treasure Island! Themed props will be used in every class to capture your childs imagination.

Princess Cupcake2/2 - 4 yrs

Our vibrant dinky dance character, ‘Princess Cupcake’ inspires fellow little princesses to dance and move gracefully through her homeland of ‘Cupcake Kingdom’. Each week your little princess will embark on a new quest that will motivate and teach fundamental dance technique. Princess Cupcake has many friends in the kingdom who help her with her pursuits and add more excitement to this enchanting dance class. Pupils receive a new princess costume at the beginning of each term. Costume included in terms fees.


Superheroes21/2 - 4 yrs

A lively and enjoyable boys dance class! Pupils come along and transform themselves into superheroes, dance their way through an important superhero mission and learn some tricky and challenging dance moves to practice at home.

Teeny Tappers3 - 4 yrs

A class designed to develop the passion for dance. Pupils will learn basic technique, understand rhythm with the use of musical instruments and follow a fun syllabus created to prepare children for the ISTD tap syllabi.


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